Introducing Project LOSK

by Jeff

So there it is. I’m now officially writing a Fantasy novel.

My working title is The Legacy of the Silent King.

This title will never be the official one, if you must know. My wish is to come up with a satisfactory title that does not follow a nomenclature of the X of Y kind. But this can wait.

Tonight’s word count: 548.

Of course, that’s only the initial ramblings of a very rough first chapter. I felt too tired to keep my mind at it for long stretches of time, and in fact I never planned to start writing for real tonight. But I did, because I wanted to. A beginning is a beginning, however short.

What is this project about?

I started writing the story I want to read.

I have no other claim, really.

In fact — and this scares me a bit — one could reasonably argue against my story being Fantasy at all.

I follow very, very, very, very, very, very, very little of the expected tropes and archetypes of the genre. I do not even plan to use the word magic.

I value simplicity and restraint. I want to read a story that means Big Things through Small details.

I want to read a story where Fantasy is not in the point of the view of the reader, but in that of the characters.

I want to read a story where things happen that should not normally happen in the world where it takes place.

I want a story that features medieval-style warfare prominently and on a very close and personal level.

Thus is my only link with Fantasy as it is generally seen or understood. People fighting each other with swords against a backdrop of (unexpectedly) mythical events.

I want to read a story about the emotional power of memories and about coping with irrecoverable losses.

I am going to write it.