Old words for old worlds

On the use of the past to explain the present

Month: March, 2012

Skyrim: a true dance with dragons

This blog is generally not for reviewing videogames, but I must indulge with a one-time exception for the sake of Skyrim, the fifth game in the The Elder Scrolls series developed by Bethesda. A one-time exception for a single topic: dragons.

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A long long time ago, in a Fantasyland far far away

The purpose of this blog is to put forth one vision of Fantasy as a broad literary choice, rather than a pigeonhole for predefined content. My point of view is that you are writing Fantasy as soon as your story takes you 1) far away 2) in the past. Here are my collected thoughts on this subject, although the very fine line between this particular view of Fantasy and History will be a matter for another post.

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